Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why does it take so long to send out panels?

Once the contest officially closes and before book panels can go out, there are things that need to happen...

If a category doesn't receive a minimum number of entries then entrants need to be contacted and entries moved or withdrawn.

If there are not enough judges in a category based on first choices, then second choice comes into play and judges are moved around.

Final round judges need to be chosen and notified, adjustments made as needed.

Then once all that has settled down, books can be assigned to judges. But even that's not as simple as plug and play. Heat levels need to be accounted for as well as ensuring a judge doesn't get more than one book by an author if the author has submitted two books in a category.

All of these things take time, since most parties involved hold down some sort of job or may have small children and may not be able to check their email very often.

We thank you for patience as we juggle the behind-the-scenes tasks.

Clover & Jen

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